• Easy handling
  • High measuring certainty and accuracy
  • Insensitivity to gases containing dust and corrosive gases
  • Insensitivity to gases containing dust and corrosive gases
  • Safe designation of dew point by detaining the temperature and fine adjustments in steps of +/-0,2°C


The dew point measurement instrument Dewchecker 1.1 is a portable device used for measuring the dew point of gases. Per definition, the dew point is the temperature of a body marking the start of condensation of water vapor on its surface respectively the balance adjusted between condensing and evaporating water.

The level of the dew point depends on the moistness of the measuring gas. Measurement inside the device is based on a cooled mirror the formation of condensate becomes visible on. Due to the direct measurement of the dew point temperature, the measurement is accurate and long-term stable. The device itself requires very low maintenance. The main range of application of the device is the dew point measurement of gas atmospheres of heat treatment facilities and gas generators.

The mirror temperature can be adjusted precisely by using +/- keys on the front panel manually. The device is available as 230 V or 115 V supply voltage version.



Design: Portable steel housing
Dimensions: 330x310x320 mm (WxHxD)

Approx. 17 kg

Degree of Protection: Housing IP 20 according to IEC 60529
Front panel IP 40 according to IEC 60529
Power Supply: 230 or 115 VAC ±10% 50…60 Hz (please specify)
Measuring Accuracy: -25…+30°C (direct measurement with mirror)
Measuring Gas Connectors (hose connectors): Input: Tube outer diameter 5…6 mm
Output: Tube outer diameter 5…6 mm
Built-in measuring pump



Measuring Accuracy: ±0,5°C (direct measurement with mirror)
Humidity: Up to 70 %, non-condensing
Ambient Temperature: 10…40 °C during operation
0…50 °C during storage
Gas Flow: Approx. 1l/min.
Measuring Gas Pressure: ±50 mbar
Resolution in steps of: 0,1°C
Maintenance Interval: Every year


Power cord product code 011-0520
Polishing cotton product code 130-6050/td>
Polishing paste   no product code available
Connection pipe yellow product code 015-7103
8 mm with adapter approx. 3 m    
Connection pipe yellow product code 015-7102
6 mm approx. 3 m    
In-line filter product code 24382
Filter material product code 24221
Wooden stick for cleaning   no product code available
Spare fuse (230V) product code 027-0005
Spare fuse (115V) Artikel-Nummer 027-0011
Spare sinter filter insert Artikel-Nummer 2418