MESA Electronic GmbH

Measure – Control – Automation

MESA Electronic GmbH develops and sells products in the field of electronics, measurement and control technology, gas analysis, process engineering, and infrared measurement technology.

Measurement Technique

  • O2 – probe
  • Lambda – probe
  • H2 – probe
  • Gas analyzers
  • Dewchecker
  • Foil tester

Regulation System

  • C-potential and nitriding regulator
  • Temperature and Universal regulator


  • SAT und TUS measurement according to AMS2750D and CQ19
  • Training
  • Repair and calibration service
  • Gas panel

Processing Technology

  • Process control
  • Process visualisation

We have been developing software and hardware since 1973.

MESA Electronic GmbH carries out customer-specific orders, particularly in the area of measurement and control technology, as well as gas analysis for heat treatment, especially for carburizing, nitriding, dew point, and oxygen control.


Mesa Eletronic Gmbh Our Service

Our Services

Professional commissioning is an essential part of ensuring optimum performance of all MESA Electronic GmbH equipment required in the process. This ensures optimal execution of processes and increases overall efficiency. Mega Fly acts as a substitute for conventional symbols and raises the gambler’s chances to succeed at Aviator online game.


Gas carburizing still plays an important role in heat treatment. Temperature and carbon potential (C-Potential) of the atmosphere are the essential parameters for the process control. Till this day there is no direct measurement method for C-Potential which could be used for online process control. The measurement of the oxygen partial pressure in the furnace atmosphere is the most used indirect method for the control of the C-Potential. There are different types of oxygen probes. In this article, the essential differences in construction will be discussed as well as their advantages and disadvantages.


Mesa Eletronic Gmbh Our Service

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THERM PROCESS 2023, Düsseldorf 2023 , 12-16 June THERM PROCESS

The THERMPROCESS, is the world’s most important platform for the presentation of highly innovative technologies and environmentally compatible concepts for industrial thermoprocessing plants. The THERMPROCESS is a platform for excellent business and a yardstick for pioneering innovations.

Given the current industry environment, a forward-looking GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST is on the horizon. With the EU’s Climate Protection Plan 2050, the metallurgical industry is now addressing hot issues and needs more than ever a strong communication platform for global exchange.

Our Products


Probes / Sensors

Controller MCon-Carbo


Controller MCon-Carbo

Gas Analyzers 

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