Our services

You can always rely on MESA Electronic GmbH team.


Our approach to servicing

We provide services in the development of unique software and hardware in the field of control systems, processed technologies and measurement technologies. We can also help you deal with complex problems that occur after mechanical and other damage.


Professional commissioning is an essential part of ensuring optimum performance of all MESA Electronic GmbH equipment required in the process.  This ensures optimal execution of processes and increases overall efficiency. Incorrect configuration and improper connections will affect the equipment and its warranty.  A qualified engineer from MESA Electronic GmbH guarantees a smooth initial commissioning on site.



Mesa electronic offers you an efficient solution to check the temperature distribution of the furnace. Our system moves with the product through the furnace and it absorbs up to 20 temperature points, without the use of towing lines. The measuring probes can be mounted either on the surface or in the core of the batch. The analysis of the obtained data on your PC is evaluated in real time or after the transfer of the data. The systems are suitable for applications up to a temperature of 950 ° C.


To ensure optimal performance of all measurements required in the process and control devices, we recommend regular maintenance and calibration on site. Therefore we perform measurements and controls of the furnace temperature, temperature distributions, and atmosphere parameters important for the process.


Our experienced team offers you services as general contractor for example conversion of old furnace, modernization and visualizing of your furnaces / controllers.


MESA electronic GmbH offers operational training, where end users are trained by our engineers on the proper and functional use of our equipment.
We provide our know-how in the area of carburizing and nitration process, upon request, in special training. We offer this performance to you at your premises or at our headquarters.



Our units are designed and manufactured for longevity. Regular maintenance and calibration of MESA Electronic GmbH devices is recommended on site or at our headquarters in order to obtain the highest operating performance. In case of malfunctions we will gladly assist you. Our team will advise you free of charge by telephone or by e-mail.
On request we offer on-site maintenance and calibration services. Faulty equipment repair services are performed at our factory. During the repair and maintenance time, we provide to offer (chargeable) a loaner.