MCon Carbo 16-48




  •  Calculates C-level from the residual oxygen content of a gas or CO2-content from the furnace atmosphere
  •  Various types of thermocouples, lambda-, O2-probes and other gas sensors e.g. CO, CO2
  • C-level correction by foil tests
  • Color-TFT-touch-screen display with additional keypad
  • Multi-user access with usernames, pass-words and access levels
  • Isolated analog inputs
  • Current supply 115 or 220V 50/60Hz or 24V
  • Optional: Profibus, Modbus and “MESA Legacy” protocols
MCon Carbo 16-48

Principle of Operation:



MCON Carbo 48 and 16 is a new and advanced calculator of carburizing processes in heat treatment plants.
As a graphic recorder, the new calculator can record all measured values.
The unit processes the input signals and outputs the desired output variable as a voltage or current unit signal.

All commercial thermocouples, lambda- and oxygen probes as well as gas sensors,
e.g. CO, CO2, can be connected to the MCON Carbo 48 and 16.

There are up to 5 analog alarms. Each alarm can be configured to monitor analog input or calculated values and it can activate dedicated digital output for some error/unregularly values.
User accounts with password protection improve the safety in usage by locking access levels, parameters and functions depending on user privileges.

MCon Carbo 16-48


  • Compatible with all new MESA equipment
  • Custom alarms
  • Diagram display
  • Isolated RS485 / 422 Modbus interface, “MESA Legacy”
  • Data transfer and firmware update via USB interface

Technical Data


Degree of Protection:
IP54 according to IEC 60529

MCon Carbo 16
96 x 96 x 111 mm (W x H x D)
MCon Carbo 48
296 x 256 x 118 mm (W x H x D)
Housing made of polystyrene

Power Supply:
AC 85VAC…265VAC, 50-60Hz

Power Consumption:

Color-TFT-touch-screen display, 320 x 240 pix
16it, 3,5’ with robust touch-screen

Communication Interface (Optional):
Isolated RS485/422, Profibus

Storage: -10…+70 °C
Operation: 0…+50 °C
5…95 % relative humidity, non-condensing

Analog inputs:

AIN 1:
– Thermocouple, Type “K” or “S”

AIN 2:
– L-probe
– O2 probe
– CO2-Analyzer

AIN 3:
– CO-Analyzer

Analog outputs:


– Raw O2 probe voltage
– Calculated O2 probe mV from L-probe mV

C-level: 0…2,0 %C -> 0…20 mA or 0…10 V

AOUT 3:Temperature: 0…1200 °C -> 0…10 V
mV O2 corrected

C-Level Measuring Range:
0…2.0 %C

C-Level Measurements:
Sensors for measurement: O2, lambda probes or
CO2 analyzer
Fixed or measured CO
Up to 5 Foil test correction points