• Easy handling
  • High measuring certainty and
  • Insensitivity to gases containing dust
  • Robuste construction


The dew point measurement instrument Dewchecker 0.1 is a portable device used to measure the dew point of gases. Per definition, the dew point is the temperature of a body marking the start of condensation of water vapor on its surface respectively the balance adjusted between condensing and evaporating water.
The gas sampling occurs via a gas sampling fitting furnished in the hot zone to the furnace wall with a ceramic inner tube.

Due to a steel tube length of at least 150 mm, outside the furnace wall, the sample gas is cooled quickly and guided at a gas dew point temperature below room temperature through a dense gas hose to the gas inlet port of the device.
The Dewchecker 0.1 is equipped with a capacitive on-line sensor used accordingly for continuous measurements. The measurement result can be forwarded by a universal analog output or a digital RS-485 / RS-422 interface.




Design: Portable steel housing
Dimensions: 330x310x320 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: Approx. 17 kg
Degree of Protection: Housing IP 20 according to IEC 60529
Front panel IP 40 according to IEC 60529
Ambient Temperature: 10…40°C in during operation
0…50°C during storage
Power Supply: 230 or 115 VAC ±10% 50…60 Hz (please specify)
Measuring Gas Connectors (hose connectors):

Input: Tube outer diameter 5…6 mm

Output: Tube outer diameter 5…6 mm

Built-in measuring pump

Messgasdruck: ±50 mbar
Measuring Range: -80…+20°C (indirect measurement with capacitive sensor)
Measuring Accuracy: ±2°C (indirect measurement with capacitive sensor)
Resolution in steps of:: 0,1°C
Maintenance Interval: Every year
Analog Output: -80…+20°C, 0…20 mA or 4…20 mA or 0…10 V
galvanic isolated, 4…20 mA is the predefined setting
Pin Assignment: Current output: Pin 6, GND = Pin 2
Voltage output: Pin 7, GND = Pin 3
Digital Output: Either RS-485 / RS-422 four-wire or RS-485 two-wire (please specify)
Isolated interface with Modbus-protocol
Pin Assignment: Four-wire: GND = Pin 1, TxA = 9, TxB = 5, RxA = 8, RxB = 4
Two-wire: GND = Pin 1, A = 9, B = 5


Power cord product code 011-0520
Connection pipe yellow product code 015-7103
8 mm with adapter approx. 3 m    
Connection pipe yellow product code 015-7102
6 mm approx. 3 m    
In-line filter product code 24382
Filter material product code 24221
Spare fuse (230V) product code 027-0005
Spare fuse (115V) product code 027-0011
Spare sinter filter insert product code 2418