• Heating systems
  • Industrial processes
  • process technology
  • Gas analysis
  • Heat treatment




  • High performance, low cost sensor for heat treating applications
  • Grand reliability, compatibility and accuracy
  • Ideal for use in carburizing, neutral Principle of Operation: hardening, and applications
  • Open electrode design resists sooting and aids in probe burn-off
  • Burn-off port as standard without loss of insertion length
  • Every probe is 100% tested with certification, certificate is shipped with each probe
  • Response time < 1.0 second
  • Interchangeable with all oxygen probes or carbon sensors
  • Reduces stress on the 4-bore tube, reducing the incidence of breakages
  • Improved electrical contact on expansion and contraction of the sheath
  • Improved gas flow across the sensor tip


The MESA oxygen probe or the carbon sensor belongs to the last generation of “in-situ” oxygen sensors that use the CSIRO substrate. The probe has been completely redesigned based on years of practical experience in order to eliminate the problems encountered with other oxygen probes available on the market.
The zirconium carbon sensor has been used to control the carbon potential in many carburizing processes for almost three decades, and more recently in other processes as well.




Output power: 0.00 to 1.30 volts
Required input impedance: The oxygen probe carbon sensors should be used with test, recording, and display instruments with an input impedance of 8 megohms or greater.
Precision: +/- 0.05 percent weight of carbon in the normal working range
Response time: Less than 1.0 seconds
  • Type S – with thermocouple
  • Type W – without thermocouple
Working temperature: 760 ° C to 1000 ° C
Protection tube: Sandvik 253 MA ™
Types of probes:
  • VIG – with a tube diameter of 26.67 mm (can be VIG-S – with thermocouple or VIG-W without thermocouple)
    This type can be mounted vertically and horizontally inside the furnace .
  • VIK – with a tube diameter of 21.30 mm (can be VIK-S – with thermocouple or VIK-W without thermocouple)
    This type can only be installed vertically inside the furnace.
Lengths of the probes: Standard – 650 mm, 750 mm, 850 mm and 950 mm. ??
Other lengths are possible on request.
Mechanical shock: Resistant to light mechanical shocks. Handle with care.
Immersion depth: 3 inches at least
Reference air: Uncontaminated air at a maximum flow rate of 236 ccm3 (cubic centimeters) per minute.