NTV44P Single


The NTV 44 Processing power pack was specially developed for the use of the L-probe on conventional controls. A microprocessor converts the incoming L-probe signal into an equivalent mV signal from an oxygen probe. The required correction factors K1, K2 are entered using the T300 terminal. A two-point comparison can also be carried out. Additional functions such as probe rinsing, recovery time, and rinsing interval can also be entered via the new T300. The NTV 44 Processing supplies highly constant voltages (e.g. to lambda probes and other consumers). An active four-wire circuit ensures that line resistances up to 1 ohm and the associated voltage drops are compensated.

In order to avoid oxidation effects on the lambda probe heating, which shortens the life of the probe, the polarity of the heating voltage can optionally be switched automatically at regular time intervals.



Design: Housing made of Makralon for wall mounting
Dimensions: 185 x 120 x 90 mm (LxWxH)
Connection: Plug-in screw terminals
wire cross-section max. 2.5 mm
Connection for L-probe: 1 m cable with plug and coupling
Cable feeds: Three PG 9 screw connections
Auxiliary voltage: 115 or 230 Vac ± 10% / 50-60 Hz, max. 50 VA
Input measuring probe: 0 … 1300 mVdc (L probe signal)
Output probe: 0 … 1300 mVdc (L-probe signal, 1: 1)
Option: current output galvanically isolated
0 … 20 mA or 4 … 20 mA
Output power pack: 12.00 Vdc, max. 3 A, Tol. ± 20 mV
(heating voltage for L-probe)
Permissible line resistance: Max. 1 ohm
Climate: Storage: -10 … + 70 ° C
Operation: 0 … + 50 ° C
5 … 95% rel. Moisture, free of condensation