• Oxygen measurement in gases
  • Simple gas extraction
  • Inexpensive
  • Reliable
  • Insensitive to temperature
  • Insensitive to vibrations
  • Easily exchangeable
  • Armature adapted to customer requirements


The probe measures the residual oxygen content in a measuring chamber at the end of the measuring gas fitting. The probe signal can be tapped as a voltage.

The probe is heated with a specially regulated voltage. Power supplies approved by MESA Electronic must be used to supply the heating.

The amount of gas flowing past the probe should be in a range of 20 … 50 l / h. Too high a gas volume can change the highly constant probe temperature and thus falsify the measured value. Each probe is identified with two constants (K1 and K2).

These constants must be entered in the evaluation device (e.g. intelligent measuring transducer Carbo 15/47, Carbo 100, Carbo 1000, Carbo-M, Carbonate-M) in order to avoid measurement errors.



Dimensions of the probe head: 105 x 290 x 45 mm (W x H x D)
The nominal length of the gas sampling pipe: 400 … 1100 mm according to order
connection L-probe: 8-pol. plug
Necessary additional equipment NTV44P for L-probe heating and temperature control.
Measuring range L probe: 0 … 1300 mV
Required accessories: • Power pack NTV44P
• VE 02
Optional accessories: • thermocouple for% C- calculation
• Pump with condensate
• Carbo 15/ 47
• MCon Carbo 16-48
• Carbo 100
• Carbo 1000
• Carbomat-M
• MCON Carbo