GSF with H2-Sensor Pit type furnace ( Diffusion )



  • Hydrogen measurement in gases
  • Easy gas sampling
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Insensitive to temperature
  • Insensitive to vibrations
  • Easily interchangeable
  • Fitting adapted to customer
  • requirementsNominal length as specified
GSF with H2-Sensor Pit type furnace ( Diffusion )



The H2-probe measures the hydrogen content in one measuring chamber at the end of the measuring gas fitting. The measuring chamber is controlled to 100°C. The H2 measuring range is 0 …80% H2. Analog output module provides an isolated analog output with a voltage range 0…10V or 2…10V, or a current range 0..20mA or 4..20mA. There are two relays with max 5A in a standard configuration. Those two digital outputs can be used according to operator configuration:

  • H2>C1
  • C1<H2C1
  • PCBTemp>C1
  • All Important Errors
  • Over Tem Under
  • Temp Over or Under Temp
  • Good Temp Calibration.

There is an Isolated RS-485/RS-422 communication interface, or a non-isolated RS-232 and RTU Modbus protocol.

Mesa Eletronic Gmbh H2-probe-3D



Dimensions of probe head:
105 x 215 x 85 mm (W x H x D)
Nominal length of the gas sampling pipe:
500 … 1100 mm according to order
720 mm is standard
Connection of H2-Sensor:
– Industrial 10-pol. round connector for power supply relays and analog output
– Sub-D 9-pol. for two type communication
Analog outputs:
Isolated analog output with:
– voltage range 0…10V or 2…10V, or
– current range 0…20mA or 4…20mA
Digital outputs:
two relays, 5A max current, both are configurable
Necessary accessory:
Power supply 24 VDC, 3A
Measuring range H2 sensor:
0…80% H2
Ambient temperature:
+ 10 ° C … + 60 ° C