The air supply unit LV2 is used for the constant supply of commercially available oxygen probes with reference air.

A defined amount of filtered outside air is forced into the interior of the zirconium oxide tube. The low overpressure prevents the furnace atmosphere from penetrating the interior of the zirconium oxide tube.

The amount of reference air should not be selected too large, otherwise, the built-in thermocouple will be cooled unnecessarily.

As a rule, oxygen probes with a continuous zirconium oxide tube (MESA oxygen probes) require almost no reference air, so that with these probes there is no significant falsification of the temperature measurement.

In addition to the reference air, the LV2 also offers an air outlet for probe rinsing. This externally controllable air outlet is used to flush the space between the protective tube and the zirconium oxide tube.

This function is triggered automatically at intervals by modern C-Pe regulators (Carbomat-M). The purpose of this function is to remove soot particles and other soiling through burning and rinsing.




Pump: Diaphragm
pressure pump final pressure ± 20% / 2.8 (0.27) mWs (bar)
free discharge 168 l / h
filtering built-in
Reference air: Measuring range 1.6 l / h to 16 l / h,
accuracy class 2.5 VDI / VDE 3513, sheet
2 , reading length 100 mm
Purge air Measuring range 10 l / h to 100 l / h.
Accuracy class 2.5 VDI / VDE 3513, sheet
2, reading length 100 mm.
Built-in non -return valve
Measuring principle: Float
Switch cabinet: Sheet steel
wall housing RAL 7032, pebble gray,
protection class IP 55,
cable and hose bushings PG 13.5
Dimensions: 380 x 300 x 255 mm (WxHxD)
Air connections: Hose nozzles for 4 mm inner diameter
Elect. Data: Pump, relay
230 Vac ± 10% / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: approx. 12 VA
Climate: Operation and storage -10 … + 50 ° C
Equipment: Plastic
hose inside diameter 4 mm
outside diameter 6 mm