VE 02




The VE 02 supply unit is a central unit for gas extraction and supply with a regulated DC voltage from L-probes measuring devices in the various measuring systems possible with the L-probe.

The high-precision power pack type NTV 44P for supplying the L-probe heating is located in the supply unit. A DC voltage of 12 V (+/- 20 mV) is constantly regulated regardless of the current required. The NTV 44P is equipped with four-wire technology for this purpose. There is also a sample gas pump in the supply unit. The pump output can be adjusted using a needle valve integrated in the built-in flow meter. The ideal flow rate is between 30 and 55 l / h.

The L-probe is connected to the mating connectors installed on the left-hand side (X2 and X3). There is also a condensate separator on the left side of the supply unit to separate any condensate that may occur. This must be emptied if necessary. There is also a coarse particle filter in the condensate separator, which must be replaced from time to time (recommended: every six months).

In addition to the gas flow meter, there is also an ultra-fine filter in the door of the L probe to protect the sample gas pump. The fine filter must be replaced if it is dirty (visual inspection). The supply unit is activated with the on / off switch built into the door. It must be noted that the L-probe has a heating time of approx. 20 min. required and is only then ready for operation.




Design: Sheet steel housing
Protection class: Front: IP 55
housing: with attached L-probe IP20
Dimensions 300 x 300 x 200 mm (W x H x D)
Connection: About terminals
Auxiliary voltage: 115 or 230 Vac ± 10% / 50-60 Hz