• The menu-guided operation, plain text
  • Foil keyboard
  • Exact control
  • Connections of one thermocouples Type “S” or “K” by choice
  • Program memory with 99 setpoint programs for K – and process temperature N (time-synchronous)
  • Program tracks, free eligible
  • Continuous control of ammonia, PID-control
  • Transfer output, KN
  • All inputs and outputs 4…20 mA (unless thermocouple)
  • Directly adaptation of flowmeter controller for NH3, N2, CO2, or endogas
  • 2 ammonia flowmeter controllers for small or great quantity are choosable (thereby high precision)
  • Limit of control variable at ammonia quantity are separate possible
  • Possibility for initial gas
  • Setpoint programer for process temperature is indicated
  • Option:
    • Serial interfaces (RS422/RS485)


The Nitromat-KN is a measuring and control system for exact furnace atmosphere-control in nitriding- or nitrocarburizing processes.

The 99 program controls of process-temperature and KN -values, with free eligible program time- tracks and analogous outputs for NH3 – N2 -Endogas- CO2, by mass-flow controls enable an exact control of gas-nitriding processes.

A controlled N2 – thinning of the Nitriding atmosphere is possible. By use of the initial gas, it is possible to reduce the complete treatment time.

In connection with the program time tracks and a program selection, in addition, a pre-oxidation of the components is possible.



Construction: The type of protection of the front is IP 43
Dimensions: 144 x 144 x 300 mm (l x w x h)
Auxiliary voltage: 115 or 230 Vac ± 10%; 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: About 15 VA
Analog Input:
  • H2 analyzer
  • Thermocouple type K or S
  • Terminal temperature (Pt 100) H2
  • H2 – actual value NH3- actual value
  • Endogas or CO2- actual value
  • External set value: analog or through the serial interface
Digital Input:
  • IN 0: program release with set point program in progress: otherwise, controller locked
  • IN 1: program continuation in succession
  • IN 2: input disable
Measuring range: 0,2…50 KN
Analog output:
  • KN-Value
  • N2-actual value
  • NH3-control output
  • Temperature controller output
Switching outputs:
  • 3 control tracks freely available
  • Signal actual values in the tolerance range
  • Signal program active
  • Signal Alarm indication
  • Signal switching for ammonia flowmeter controller
  • Signal CO2-bonus (at Nitrocarburizing)
  • Signal gas release
Serial interface (option):
  • RS 232
  • RS 422/RS 485
Display: Graphical LCD display with 160 x 128 pixels
Operation: Five keys (soft keys) with user guidance (menu guidance);
the respective function of the keys indicated on the display
Set point:
  • 4 preset points for C level
  • 99 set point programs for KN- temperature profiles, internally storable and recallable; (program travel time per program: up to 100 h)
  • 23 segments / program
Klima: Storage: -10…+60 °C