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Gas Analyzer System
MGAS 5.2

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SP 0108202301102023


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General features of the device:

An instrument for measuring the following Gas- Concentrations:
– Carbon monoxide %CO
– Carbon dioxide %CO2
– Hydrogen %H2
– Methane %CH4
Customizable Gas components are possible.
Following components will be calculated:
– C-Level from CO2, CO, and Temperature or Temperature, CO and mV*
– Dew point from CO2, H2 and Temperature or Temperature, H2 and mV*


This equipment is qualified to measure furnace atmospheres online with max. 6 different gas sensors. Eight analogous outputs, eight digital inputs/outputs, and an optional serial interface are possible. The communication with the serial interface can be done with Modbus, TCP Ethernet, or Profibus

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