An instrument for measuring the following Gas- Concentrations:
– Carbon monoxide %CO
– Carbon dioxide %CO2
– Hydrogen %H2
– Methane %CH4
Customizable Gas components are possible.
Following components will be calculated:
– C-Level from CO2, CO, and Temperature or Temperature, CO and mV*
– Dew point from CO2, H2 and Temperature or Temperature, H2 and mV*

*mV from Lambda probe or O2-Probe

This equipment is qualified to measure furnace atmospheres online with, max. 6 different gas sensors. Eight analogous outputs, eight digital inputs/outputs, and an optional serial interface are possible. The communication with the serial interface can be done with Modbus, TCP Ethernet, or Profibus.

All Analog and Digital inputs/outputs can be configured manually e.g. as Alarm, starting calibration, or switching off-pump. An optional data logging function with USB data transfer and internal memory with 16MB is available. The logging function can work in manual or timer mode. With the delivered Software “MGas Viewer” you can visual, print, export, and administrate your stored data. The equipment is adjustable by a high-quality foil keyboard with self explainable menu structure in German and English language. Automatic calibration for zero-point and span for all gas components is possible. There is an additional calibration function called “fast calibration” which allows the user to change the displayed gas concentrations manual. Additional it is possible to configure several protection functions, e.g. switching off at high Dew Point or low Process Temperature, to increase the lifetime of the device. The advanced gas transducers represent the latest technological achievement in non-dispersive infrared gas transducers with high accuracy, good long-time stability, and excellent repeatability.

Gas Analyzer System MGAS 5.x



  • Desktop variant: 450 x 200 x 440 (w x h x d)
  • Rack variant: U=4, HP=84, D=400mm
Weight: Approx. 14 kg
Protection type: IP 20 to IEC 529
Power supply: 230V +4% / -10%, 50-60Hz or
115V ± 10%, 50-60Hz
Power: Approx. 70W / Slow Fuse 2A in Power switch
Communication: MODBUS
RS232, RS422, RS485
Ethernet over TCP/IP
Aufheizzeit: Approx. 10 min.
Climate: Storage: 0…50 °C
Operation: 5…40 °C
Measuring range: CO: 0…35,0 %
CO2: 0…0,500 %, 0…1,000 %, 0…2,000 %
H2: 0…80,0 %
CH4: 0…5,0 %, 0…10,0 %, 0…20,0 %
°C: 0…1200 °C
C: 0…1,50 %
O2: 0…1300 mV
TP: -30…+30 °C



Measuring gas components: max. 6
Oxygen probes: Lambda probe or O2 probe
Additional calculation: C-Pegel
°C Taupunkt
Measuring method: NDIR dual-wavelength principle no moving parts
Influence values: Drift with autocal. : insignificant
Drift without autocal :± 2% FS over 12 months
Linearity error: : < 2% FS
Temperature dependence with autocal : insignificant
Temperature dependence without autocal. : ± 2% FS/10 °K
Druckabhängigkeit:± 0.2% FS/10 mbar
Pressure dependence: Compensated by internal pressure sensor between 800 mbar and 1200 mbar. : zwischen 800 mbar und 1200 mbar.
Gas inputs:
  • Measurement gas input
  • Zero gas input
  • Reference gas input
  • Maximal pressure: 100 mbar overpressure (ü)
  • Working pressure: 0 do 50 mbar overpressure (ü)
  • Gas flow: Approximately 0,4 l/min
Gas outputs: Gas output 1 , Gas output 1
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