• Menu-guided operation
  • Foil keyboard
  • Exact C level control
  • Soot limit monitoring
  • Universal application by virture of optional connection of O2, O2+CO2, CO detectors and two thermocouples (type S or K)
  • O2 -probe monitoring (checking Ri and EMF, purging)
  • Simultaneous measurement with two probes for super version
  • Automatic change to spare probe
  • Program memory with 99 set point programs for C level and temperature
  • Analog output, for example, for recorder connection
  • C level correction (for example, by means of foil specimens)
  • Options:
    · Serial interface for example, for procecc visualisie software “CARBOVIS”


The Carbomat-M is a single-channel measuring and control system for C level calculation and control in the furnace atmosphere of heattreatment plants.

By means of switch settings on the rear panel of the instrument, Carbomat-M can be easily adapted to match existing facilities. Alterat- ions in the data acquisition scheme, for example, change of gas analyzers to oxygen probes, can be effected without difficulty.


A currently available analytical method for determining the carbon content in furnace atmospheres is the indirect measurement of the oxygen content in the furnace with zirconiumoxide probes. Carbomat-M provides special support for these methods. Data sheets on probes and other equipment are available on request.



Construction: Metal housing for mounting in control panels, in conformance with DIN 40050 Type of protection IP 54, as specified in DIN50050
Dimensions: 144 x 144 x 300 mm (lxwxh)
Auxiliary voltage: 230 Vac ± 10 % 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: About 15 VA

If you use L-probe and O2 -probe you can ́t connect an additional Reference junction.


  • Thermo couple,typeK or S
  • Reference junction,type K or S (also mixed)
  • Terminal temperature (Pt 100)
  • External set value:analog or through  serial interface
Analog Input:
  • O2 measuring probe, cell voltage directly or through the amplifier
  • O2 measuring probe and CO analyzer
  • CO2 analyzer
  • CO2 analyzer and CO analyzer
  • O2 probe and L-probe
  • O2probe, L-probeandCOanalyzer
  • L-probeandCOanalyzer
  • L-probeandCO2 analyzer
  • L-probe, CO2analyzerandCOanalyzer
  • L-probe and L-probe
  • O2 probe and O2 probe
  • CO2 analyzer and O2 probe
Optionales Zubehör:
  • Rel-Box
  • PRL-Box
  • Klemmleistenadapter