The “Carbo 1001 Extension“ is a smart measurement transducer for multiple applications and measurements in up to five zones.

The Carbo 1001 E connects directly to the Siemens Simatic backplane bus, computes the primary signals, and outputs the desired baseline value using the defined or symbolic data blocks of the PLC.

The here described versions compute for example the residual oxygen content of a gas based on the expected gas equilibrium. Alternatively, the residual oxygen content is measured directly in situ.

The Carbo 1001 E directly executes optional features of more expensive systems, such as the correction of an actual oven value via a “foil probe”. In this way, the costs of purchase are soon recovered even for small oven units.

 Another handy device function is the conversion of the L-sensor voltage into the sensor voltage of a regular zirconium oxide sensor. In this system, the considerably more robust and lower-priced L-sensor can be mated with already existing control systems.



  • Computation of the residual oxygen during oxygen-sensitive processes at up to five points.
  • Computation of the C-level using the data for the residual oxygen or alternatively, the CO2-content when refining steel. Measurements can be taken at up to five points.
  • The unit can be directly connected to the Siemens Simatic backplane bus without additional modules, such as communications modules.
  • Measuring, parameterization, and error handling are done using predefined or symbolic data blocks.
  • Excellent reliability due to the galvanic isolation of all input and output circuits.
  • Conversion of the L-sensor voltage to match the voltage curve of the zirconium oxide sensor.
  • The additional inlet to directly connect a CO analyzer.
  • Option to select between thermocouple type “K” or “S”.



Housing: Siemens S7 compatible DIN rail housing (top-hat housing)
Dimensions: 160 x 125 x 115 (WxHxD)
Weight: approx. 2 kg
Protection Class: IP 32 according to DIN 40050
Climate Conditions: Storage: -10…+70 °C (14…158 °F)
Operation: 0…+50 °C (32…122 °F)
5…95 % relative humidity, condensation-free storage
Auxiliary Supply: 24 V
Input: approx. 15 VA
Communication: Profibus, Profinet