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We have been developing software and hardware since 1973

MESA Electronic GmbH is specialised in developing innovative software and hardware solutions in the field of measurement technology, control systems and process technologies.


About Us

MESA Electronic GmbH develops and sells products in the field of electronics, measurement and control technology, gas analysis, process engineering and infrared measurement technology. In addition, it carries out customer- specific orders, particularly in the area of measurement and control technology, as well as gas analysis for heat treatment, especially for carburizing, nitriding, dew point and oxygen control.

Distribution Partners

We are proud to have partners all over the globe. If you desire to become one of our partners or see where we are represented in, please follow the link below.


Mesa Eletronic Gmbh


Johann-Flitsch-Strasse 2

83075 Bad Feilnbach

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Mesa Eletronic Gmbh